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English Version Release | Huawei certification H13-711 exam dumps

H13-711 exam is a pop one in Huawei certification tests, which is a required test for Huawei HCNA-Big Data certification. Testpassport has released the English version for Huawei H13-711 exam, which contains 201 questions and answers. Testpassport Huawei HCNA-Big Data H13-711 exam certification questions are the latest version in the market, which can make sure you pass the test and get certified. 

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Share some HCNA-Big Data H13-711 exam questions and answers below.
In a FusionInsight Hadoop cluster, the cluster size is 70 nodes. If the recommended deployment scheme is adopted, which partitions must not exist on the management node? (Multiple choice) 
A. /srv/BigData/zookeeper 
B. /srv/BigData/dbdata_om 
C. /srv/BigData 
D. /srv/BigData/jurnalnode 
E. /srv/BigData/hadoop/data5 
Answer: ABCD

You need to connect to HMaster when using HBase to read and write data in FusionInsight HD. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: B

A table in HBase of FusionInsight HD includes the following regions: [10,20), [20,30), [30, + ∞], respectively numbered as ①, ②, ③, then which Region do 11,20,222 respectively belong to? 
A. ①①③ 
B. ①②③ 
C. ①②② 
D. ①①② 
Answer: C

Which of the following description on the role of stand-by NameNode in Huawei FusionInsight HD system is correct? (Multiple choice) 
A. Main NameNode's hot standby 
B. stand-by NameNode has no memory requirements 
C. help the main NameNode merge edit log, reduce the main NameNode's start time 
D. The stand-by NameNode should be deployed to a node with the main NameNode 
Answer: AC

FusionInsight HD's Streaming is weakly dependent on Zookeeper, and services can be provided normally by Streaming even if Zookeeper fails. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: B

When FusionInsight HD system deploys, if the Solr index default stored in HDFS, which of the following statement is correct? 
A. There is no need to consider how many shards are created on each SoIrServer instance 
B. To ensure data reliability, you must create multiple Replica when creating an index 
C. Disk IO is occupied when reading indexes through HDFS, so it is not recommended that Solr instances be deployed on the same node as DataNodes 
D. When the Solr service parameter INDEX_STORED_ON_HDFS is HDFS, the index of the created Collection is stored in HDFS by default 
Answer: D

In the process of using Flume to transmit data, in order to prevent data loss due to restart of Flume process, which of the following channel type is recommended? 
A. Memory Channel 
B. File Channel 
C. JDBC Channel 
D. HDFS Channel 
Answer: B

In FusionInsight HG system, you must set the number of Partitions and the number of copies when creating a Kafka Topic. Setting multiple copies can enhance the DR capability of Kafka services. 
A. True 
B. False 
Answer: A

Which of the following statement about Kerberos' TGT is wrong? 
A. TGT's full name is the ticket authorization ticket, which is mainly generated by the KDC server 
B. Once generated, TGT can be used indefinitely 
C. The way TGT exists on the client can either be stored in memory or locally stored as a file 
D. The main information in the TGT is the current duration of the ticket, the server IP assigned to the TGT, and the name of the client assigned to the TGT 
Answer: B

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