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CompTIA Security+ sy0-101 Exam Demo

D. FTP transfers data in an unencrypted format.Answer: D7. WEP uses which of the following stream ciphers?A. RC2B. RC4C. IKED. 3DESAnswer: B?8. A common tool used for wireless sniffing and war driving is:A. S/MIME.B. Sam Spade.C. NetStumbler.D. NESSUS.?Answer: C9. Which of the following is a common type of attack on web servers?A. BirthdayB. Buffer overflow C. SpamD. Brute forceAnswer: Btestpassport help you pass it certifications ?10. Which of the following would be needed to ensure that a user who has received an email cannot claim that the email was not received?A. Anti-aliasingB. Data integrityC. Asymmetric cryptographyD. Non-repudiationAnswer: D
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