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1. Which of the following type of attacks requires an attacker to sniff the network?A. Man-in-the-MiddleB. DDoS attackC. MAC floodingD. DNS poisoningAnswer: A2. Which of the following should a technician recommend to prevent physical access to individual officeareas? (Select TWO).A. Video surveillanceB. BlockadeC. Key card readersD. MantrapE. Perimeter fenceAnswer: CD3. An administrator

CompTIA Security+

Security+ is a certification dealing with computer security topics such as cryptography and access control. It was developed in 2002 to address the rise of security issues. Currently and according to CompTIA, there are more than 45,000 people around the world who have earned this certification. It is recommended that candidates

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12. A small call center business decided to install an email system to facilitate communications in the office. As part of the upgrade the vendor offered to supply anti-malware software for a cost of $5,000 per year. The IT manager read there was a 90% chance each year that workstations would be compromised if not adequately protected. If workstations are compromised it will take three hours

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9. Which of the following is a reason why a company should disable the SSID broadcast of the wirelessaccess points?A.Rogue access pointsB.War drivingC.Weak encryptionD.Session hijackingWBerlin Sans FBArialZXANSWER: B10. Which of the following BEST describes ARP?A.Discovering the IP address of a device from the MAC addressB.Discovering the IP address of a device from the DNS nameC.Discovering

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6. When should a technician perform penetration testing?A.When the technician suspects that weak passwords exist on the networkB.When the technician is trying to guess passwords on a networkC.When the technician has permission from the owner of the networkD.When the technician is war driving and trying to gain accessWBerlin Sans FBArialZXANSWER: C7. An administrator has implemented

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3. Which of the following type of attacks would allow an attacker to capture HTTP requests and send backa spoofed page?A.TeardropB.TCP/IP hijackingC.PhishingD.Replay WBerlin Sans FBArialZXANSWER: B4. How should a company test the integrity of its backup data?A.By conducting another backupB.By using software to recover deleted filesC.By restoring part of the backupD.By reviewing

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1. All of the following provide confidentiality protection as part of the underlying protocol EXCEPT:A.SSL.B.SSH.C.L2TP.D.IPSec.WBerlin Sans FBArialZXANSWER: C2. Which of the following allows an attacker to manipulate files by using the least significant bit(s) tosecretly embed data?A.SteganographyB.WormC.Trojan horseD.VirusWBerlin Sans FBArialZXANSWER: AHigh quality and Value for the SY0-201 Exam.

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6. A large company wants to deploy an FTP server to support file transfers between business customers and partners. Which of the following should the security specialist consider before making these changes?A. FTP can be deployed on an isolated server but is unencrypted.B. FTP can consume significant bandwidth.C. FTP facilitates business-to-business file transfers and has few risks.

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